“Extremely impressed and highly satisfied”

Hands down the best experience ever on a project at our house. Kevin and his crew came to our house to surgically remove 6 walls and install soundproofed decoupled walls. We had been doing construction forever, so I was worried about how they would do this work since our house was back in normal shape. 

Kevin and his team were so meticulous about their work and making sure that the house was protected, that I could not thank them enough. 

As for the price, I received 3 quotes for this work and they were most affordable. Also, the other 3 quotes asked that we vacate the house for 2-3 weeks. Kevin did all of the work in 4 days. 

Finally, Kevin and his team discovered that our previous foam insulation contractor did a bad job so they fixed that as well without any problems. 

I am extremely impressed and highly satisfied.

Haris S. | Bushwick, NY

"Consummate Professionals"

I bought a new condo in May of this year and it was my dream place. After a few days I realized my neighbors had two young boys who like all children play and run around the apartment after each other. My job is stressful as it is, so when I come home I like my place to be my sanctuary. Not the case here. Decided to go upstairs and introduce myself to the neighbors and told them to please keep the running to a minimum. They were very nice and the running did stop for a while, but you still even heard just the entire family walking around.

After doing some research online I decided to soundproof the ceiling from the footfall. Received a lot of quotes and the  first few quotes I received were double the cost that BIS gave me. Finally, I made an appointment for Kevin to come and give me a quote. He was punctual, took pics and left. Said he'll send me an official written quote. Within 2 days I got the quote. The quote was the lowest out of all of the competitors.  

Decided to proceed with Kevin and his team. They said they would be here at 9:00AM and even showed up a bit earlier (great for me because I had to go to work). They told me exactly what was going to be done and gave a timeline of 3 weeks. I was not living in the apartment while the work was being done. 

I came to the apartment every day after work to see how the work was coming along. Day 1 was prep and let me tell you they take a full day for prep. Getting any work done on your place is nerve racking, so to come home from work and see that all of your personal belongings are wrapped up  and secured, plus hardwood floor is covered is a big relief!

Tearing down a ceiling, you would expect dust everywhere, this was not the case. They kept the dust to a minimum.

I asked so many questions about next steps and Kevin made sure he kept me updated every step of the way.

The guys finished a week ahead of schedule and when the place was ready I came home and everything was back how it was, well painted, and immaculately clean!

The first night in my place, I could barely hear my neighbors. It takes the green glue up to 30 days for the full effect, but what a difference after the work was done. As the days pass I won't even hear the neighbors.

If you are looking for a soundproofing company, please reach out to Kevin and his team. These guys are true consummate professionals.

— Greg B. | Queens, NY


I couldn't be happier!  The people are pleasant & responsive.  The work was expeditiously done.  It was a truly excellent experience altogether.

RK D. | Brooklyn, NY


The finished work looks beautiful”

If you're having serious sound issues and you're actually willing to do something to resolve the problem - then Brooklyn Insulation and Soundproofing should 100% be your go-to. After my husband and I spent about 6 months doing a lot of research and vetting all of the possible options for soundproofing in NYC - we selected Kevin as he was by far the most knowledgeable / professional / accessible of anyone we had contacted. Kevin and his team spent about 2 weeks re-doing our ceiling (springs, triple layer drywall) in Jan 2016. Importantly, Kevin was very responsive the entire time - he always made himself available to answer questions and address any concerns. The finished work looks beautiful and - though time will tell - the sound insulation has been good so far. By the way - yes - the company charges for a site visit - but this is completely reasonable since: 1) sound issues are the #1 complaint by apartment dwellers in the city and without the fee the company would just spend all their time running around giving free quotes, and 2) the site visit payment is applied to your work.

— Sonya B. | New York, NY


Would recommend them in a heartbeat”

Two walls soundproofed in a bedroom. Highly recommended, quality workmanship, great results.
We wanted one of our bedroom walls soundproofed to reduce the noise coming from a neighbor's living room. Kevin's team gave a competitive estimate to other companies, but what impressed us was that they also looked at the adjacent wall, identified it would be a problem, but said that they would experiment with options in order to maximize the soundproofing. In the end, they added additional layers of sheetrock and Green Glue to two large walls (pretty much for the price of one), including isolating the electric sockets, working around the sprinkler system, and replacing the molding. The work took about three days. We emptied the room and the team was absolutely professional, putting sheeting on the floor and in the corridor to the front door, working as quietly and unobtrusively as realistically possible, insisting on taking breaks / food etc away from the building, and being extremely respectful generally of the apartment and building. They repainted the walls with paint they had got pretty close to the other walls (unfortunately, I didn't have any of the original paint as it was a new build) and even repainted the ceiling to keep everything tidy. In terms of soundproofing, it's not perfect, but it is HUGELY better. Normal level TV / music / conversation can't be heard at all (even though it's deafening in the corridor outside), and they have to turn it up pretty loud before I can hear it. Our (un-soundproofed) bathroom is adjacent, so I can still hear the same old cacophony there but retreat to complete silence in the bedroom. The two things the soundproofing doesn't stop is the sound of shoes on hard flooring (eg high heels, boots or shoes with hard soles) which sound like a snare drum, and the slam of her front door at 2am most nights. If you want some soundproofing done, these guys are great. Would recommend them in a heartbeat.

Geraint P. | New York, NY


"We're very happy with their service"

This was a job where they soundproofed a small studio space in our offices because we were getting sounds coming through our walls and vents from the neighboring offices. We had met with many other soundproofing agencies to inspect our situation, and Brooklyn Insulation & Soundproofing were our top pick. They showcased their knowledge while being flexible to our needs. They even offered multiple packages and solutions to solve for the room's issues based on our price range. Not only that, they offered the best price for the amount of work we needed. It was basically a no-brainer for us to move forward with them.

Leading up to and during the project their team members were all personable, but also responsive, informative, and professional. They were willing to come in over the weekend to start the initial heavier demolition work as to not disturb our neighboring offices or fellow employees. They started early every day before our staff came in to minimize the sound throughout the day. They were very respectful of our space, being sure to clean up after themselves and kept us updated on their progress. Much to our surprise, they completed the entire job a day earlier than originally expected.

As for the completed job, we are extremely satisfied.  An actor we've worked with for over 4 years was the first to break-in the newly soundproofed studio space and he said there was "100% of a difference". Along with the soundproofing, they did a great job with the new ceiling, incorporating the existing vents and sprinklers seamlessly while improving the lighting fixture arrangement.

We're very happy with their service, have no complaints, and would highly recommend to anyone.

— Cameron T | New York, NY


“By far the best contractor I have ever worked with”

I can't recommend Kevin and his team enough! I own a chain of fitness studios, so have spent the majority of the past 5 years managing various construction projects and Kevin is by far the best contractor I have ever worked with. 

Over the past year we have been dealing with noise complaints from our upstairs neighbor due to our music/microphone. I obtained quotes from 4 contractors, including Kevin. The other contractors recommended more extreme, expensive and time-consuming solutions. Kevin assessed the specs, provided a more economical solution and agreed to gather a team to work long days over the Thanksgiving holiday in order get the project done in half the time of the other bids. A week before we were set to begin, the coop rejected our proposed solution, but Kevin worked with me to meet their difficult demands, while remaining on time and on budget. 

Once work began Kevin and his team continued to out-perform my expectations:
-He took great care to protect our high-end facilities and equipment
-Although it wasn't even his responsibility, he managed our plumber and HVAC contractor to ensure their work was also done correctly and on time
-He interfaced with our difficult coop board and their architect and engineer, helping to assuage their frequent worries throughout the process, sending update photos and shepherding them through site visits
-He finished perfectly on time and left the space immaculate

We installed a 2 layer gypsum ceiling on acoustical clips with mineral batting in between the layers and (knock on wood), the solution seems to have assuaged our neighbor, who described the solution as a "huge difference." 

I have never written an online review in my life, but plan on writing one for Kevin and his team because I really was so impressed. 

— Brynn P. | New York, NY


"My wife and I are so happy that we chose them for our insulation and soundproofing needs."

New construction, old construction? Windy walls, noisy neighbors? Brooklyn Insulation & Soundproofing are the people you should call. My wife and I are so happy that we chose them for our insulation and soundproofing needs. Kevin, Colin, Navin, are the triumvirate that you want on your side to resolve any soundproofing or insulation problems you are currently living with. This powerhouse team is not only willing to tackle the project with dedication and fantastic customer service, but their work is well planned and implemented and each phase of construction is managed professionally. There was focus placed on keeping our living area clean from demo to clean up. There was clear communication about the progress of the work, any anticipated issues and resolution of those issues. There was professionalism exhibited by every member of their team. Did I mention the fantastic customer service? I did. And I meant to mention it, twice. Fantastic customer service.

— John T | Brooklyn, NY

If  there was a grade above A, I would give it to this company”

Soundproofing of three walls - one in bedroom and two in living room.  Detached walls installed adjacent to existing walls and insulation inserted between the two.  Two layers of drywall with green glue in between installed on top of the detached wall for maximum soundproofing.  Triple hung 8 ft window removed to allow for efficient delivery of materials and re-installed.

If  there was a grade above A, I would give it to this company based on my experience.  From the initial call to the last piece of clean-up work, the experience was hands down the most pleasant and gratifying of any renovation work I have had done.  My apartment is a small fourth floor walk-up apartment in a Landmark building in Manhattan - all of which add complications to any kind of renovation work.  The team from BIS handled everything professionally with innovative solutions and worked with the Co-Op Superintendent to keep disruption to a minimum.My building was built in the 1910's, with almost no soundproofing.  The situation became unbearable when very loud nocturnal neighbors moved in and completely disrupted my living and sleeping for months.  After much research online, I contacted BIS and had a phone consultation with Michael.  From the problem description, he gave me a cost estimate and came out promptly for an on-site review and estimate.  It was clear that he knew his business and suggested what would work best, advised how the work would be done, how much space would be lost and warned that existing decorative moldings may not be able to be replaced exactly as they were, but every effort would be made to restore them.Once I decided to go ahead, the work was scheduled promptly and Michael made another onsite visit with Robert who would be performing the work.  Robert was very pleasant and professional and he again explained how the work would be done, how the room would look afterwards and both met with the Superintendent to discuss how the materials would be delivered and installed.The work was completed a day ahead of schedule, with regular updates on progress and the rooms restored to their original state and repainted.  There was some moulding work that could not be restored - but nothing more than had been explained in advance and the clean up was superb.  From the initial call to completion, there was no surprises.  MOST IMPORTANTLY - the results of the Soundproofing have truly been life changing!  One month later and I only hear a very occasional, very muffled noise from next door.  This is from a situation where it sounded like the neighbors were actually in my living room, I could hear their conversations so clearly....now I don't even know if they are home or not.  It is fantastic.  I am very grateful to this company for not only the result, but their professionalism and ethical approach.  Everyone I dealt with was pleasant, courteous and very helpful.  Professional soundproofing is not an inexpensive process - but for me it has proven to be priceless and well worth the cost for the comfort it has brought.  If you have a problem with noise that is affecting your quality of life, I would highly recommend you give BIS a call.

Miriam S. | New York, NY

“Went above and beyond”

I hired Brooklyn Insulation & Soundproofing to have just over 520sq. feet of ceiling replaced for soundproofing purposes. Looking to ease the footstep/impact noise from upstairs neighbors, I went with a full demolition, insulation, Genie Clip, Double 5/8" drywall, Green Glue retrofit of the Living room and master bedroom spaces. Long story short, these guys were professional, clean, polite, and finished the job just ahead of schedule (2/24/12). They treated our home as if it was their own, and went above and beyond, helping re-paint areas that they did not have to, and spending extra time mopping and cleaning the common areas of the condo to satisfy the super. Robert and his crew are excellent! They were early to work every day, eager to get started, and wasted no time. Communication could not have been better between Kevin and the crew. I would not hesitate to call them again, or recommend their services.

Steve K. | Long Island City, NY


"Extremely Impressed:" 

We bought a new condo in Brooklyn that was a double duplex.  We had significant impact noise through no fault of the upstairs neighbor, rather, the construction of the ceiling between the units was not properly done to ensure soundproofing.  The result was that we heard every footstep every time, and it was so significant as to prevent us from sleeping.  We were very upset because the rest of the condo is nice, its just that we hear the neighbors constantly.

This is when we started researching options.  We looked at hiring a contractor to redo the ceiling but we wanted to make sure it was done right; we didn't want to make major changes unless we would be confident it would work.  So we contacted Devin's team and he came out to look at the situation and give us an estimate.  He is a cool guy, very nice, listened to our needs and was professional.  He offered two options for us and suggested that the less expensive option would be adequate for our needs.  I appreciated that he did not try to 'upsell' us on the job.  He said that he could do the bedroom and hallway ceiling at the same time so we agreed.  

We were able to coordinate the work with our vacation, despite my making several mistakes in initially scheduling, they were able to accommodate my errors without issue.  When the work was done they literally left no trace.  We had no clue that any work had actually been done!  

The results were amazing.  I was hoping for 50-75% reduction in the impact noise, that would have been enough.  But our expectations are exceeded, I would put the figure at 90%+, we can only notice the footfall noise if we are actually trying to sit there in silence and hear it!  Now we can sleep in peace without the constant stomping of the people upstairs.     

I'm sure a lot of people have the problem that we do.  I would suggest doing the job once and doing it right.  Were so happy we contacted Kevin and his team and would recommend them to anyone who is having any type of impact noise issue.

— Eric F. | Brooklyn, NY

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