Cellulose Insulation and Benefits in Older Home Renovations

Cellulose Insulation in Older Wood and Brick Structures 

When thinking about insulating an older brick and/or wood home you should think about how and why the structure remained in great shape over all those years. A lot of times it was because the old structure was allowed to breathe freely and wick away moisture. Being able to wick moisture away helped keep the brick and wood from sitting in a wet condition and keep it from drying out and crumbling apart. If you were to spray foam or completely waterproof this structure it will stay completely water and air tight but you might want to consider the downside of this. Over the years the structure was allowed to breathe and naturally wick away moisture but this was not a solid air tight structure so it still became cold in the winter and hot in the summer. If you were to use a natural product like cellulose air can still pass through and will be able to breathe and wick away moisture couple this with a smart air barrier like Intello you can still maintain a solid insulating structure and still allow the home to breathe.