Conference Room & Office Sound Control / Acoustic Panel

Surface mounted panels and ceiling suspended baffles designed to minimize airborne sound reflection in offices, conference rooms, and commercial environments. This helps improve the sound quality in modern office environments which have lots of hard surfaces along with lots of glass walls and doors. Modern office spaces lead to extreme echo and reverb when holding conference calls or even just regular meetings. Reach out to us today to speak to one of our in house acoustical consultants.   



Room Noise
Noise in a closed room which has already been reflected several times by the time it reaches the place where it is heard or measured.
Free-field Noise
The terms “free field” or “direct field” refer to a situation in which sound is not reflected at all. Free-field conditions are only found in nature for example where new snow prevents sound from being reflected from the ground. Free-field conditions can be created artificially in non-reverberating rooms. They play an important role in acoustic measurements and hearing tests, because the results in a free-field environment are only influenced by sound from the noise source and not by reflections from the room.
Sound Absorption and Reflection
We speak of sound absorption when a sound wave meets a soft, elastic or porous body and is wholly or partially absorbed. When this happens, sound energy is converted into heat. When a sound wave hits a hard object and is thrown back, the result is a sound reflection.
Sound Pressure Level (SPL)
A sound field can be quantitatively described through measurements. The sound pressure level is the characteristic most often measured in practice. It describes the ratio of the sound pressure of an acoustic event to a reference value which roughly corresponds to the threshold of human hearing. Where the sound is able to propagate freely, the sound pressure level decreases with increasing distance from the sound source. However, if it occurs inside a room, beyond a certain distance it is more or less independent of location. This is due to reflections and inter-reflections on the room surfaces which create a diffuse sound field. How high the sound pressure level is depends on whether reflections occur.

Tech Terms

Acoustic Quality
Acoustic quality means the suitability of a room for particular types of sound. The acoustic quality of a room refers in particular to the communication of speech and musical performances to those parts of the room which are intended to be occupied by people.
Speech Intelligibility
Basic criterion of acoustic quality in speech performance rooms. The subjective intelligibility of speech may be determined based on the percentage of correctly recognized syllables, words or sentences.
Reverberation Time
The reverberation time is how long it takes for the sound pressure level in a room to fall by 60 decibels after the sound source is turned off. For practical reasons, it is usual to measure the time taken for a drop of only 30 decibels.
This means the number of air vibrations per second of an acoustic event. The sound propagation corresponds to an air pressure fluctuation. Low frequencies involve a small number of slow vibrations; high frequencies on the other hand involve a lot of rapid vibrations.




Saying I am pleased with their work and professionalism is an understatement

“This is the second time I've contracted Brooklyn Insulation and Soundproofing to do work for Answers. We originally had them do major soundproofing at our old offices in the Garment District; they soundproofed 2 private offices, 2 conference rooms, and installed 2 soundproofed doors, in addition to a glass pane window. Our new office is configured differently from our old, with a much more open space, and after less than 2 months in our new space, we found ourselves needing the same services in early March. They completed the installation of ceiling tiles in our primary conference room to minimize echoing. They also installed acoustical seals on several doors to prevent sound from traveling out of private offices. We are also planning to use their services again in the near future for additional sound baffling throughout the private offices.

Saying I am pleased with their work and professionalism is an understatement! In addition to Kevin and the office staff, each member of the installation crew is punctual and professional. There were employees working throughout the office on the days of installation and no one had any complaints.”

— Bibi L. | New York, NY

I would definitely use them again

“Two walls of my office were soundproofed in order to manage noise coming in from the lobby. I am a psychiatrist so quiet is very important. They basically built two new walls creating an air space with soundproofing material in between.

The job went smoothly with excellent results.  I hear no noise from the lobby - versus crying babies, loud voices - and the detail work - painting, moldings, etc. - was excellent. I would definitely use them again.  Kevin and his crew were great.”

— Larry S. | New York, NY

Beyond my expectations

“The job performed by Brooklyn Insulation and Soundproofing had gone beyond my expectations. The professional care from start to finish and everyone involved with the process, made what could have been a difficult task quite easy to understand and come back to. I have put you in my list of recommended companies which rarely gets added to with my 25 years of real estate sales, consulting and management.”

— Glenn S. | Manhattan, NY




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