Thermal Retrofit/Renovation

We offer loose fill and dense packed cellulose insulation for retrofit wall and roof applications. Long, flexible recycled paper fibers ensure void-free filling of the space to be insulated by sealing around wiring, plumbing, and other obstacles.


Why Cellulose?

Lowest Embodied Energy
Of all the types of insulation, cellulose takes the least energy to produce. It is recycled newspaper after all and often it is locally sourced and manufactured.
Fills All Gaps
While batts will leave many gaps around electrical wires and boxes and will not always hug the studs, blown-in cellulose fills every available gap when installed properly.
Air Retarder
Air leaks in your homes walls and roof can cause significant losses in efficiency. Cellulose significantly resists the flow of air through your walls and maintains it’s rated R-value even in heavy gusts. This feature also makes cellulose a great fire retardant compared to batts.
Maintains R-Value
Cellulose is exceptional at maintaining its advertised R value. Fiberglass wilts in the face of wind and extreme temperature difference between inside and outside.
High Thermal Mass
It’s not called dense-pack for no reason. Cellulose adds thermal mass to your walls that has been proven to help a home maintain its temperature for days longer than a similar home insulated to the same R-values with fiberglass.

Job Types

Renovation/New Construction
Spray applied cellulose is a green alternative to foam for renovation and new construction applications. We also offer environmentally friendly fiberglass batting alternatives such as mineral wool and denim.
Flat Roof/Attic
The attic/cockloft is one of the largest sources of potential heat loss in a home and often one of the most neglected areas when it comes to insulation, especially in older brownstones & row houses.
Exterior Walls
Whether lathe & plaster or drywall, the walls of your home are arguably the most beneficial and important areas to insulate.
Insulate ceilings when you wish to achieve separate zoned heating. Floors over unheated spaces such as parking garages should always be insulated.

Passive House
We are also experienced in Passive House techniques and stay up to date on all high performance home construction techniques. 



I was very impressed

“I was very impressed with Kevin team work that I felt compelled to write a review.  Brooklyn  insulation and Sound proofing and came to our rescue after another insulation company did not complete the work and left us stranded for weeks. Kevin's team was very professional, friendly, on time and definitely knew what they were doing as they walked around with me to do spot checks to make sure we got all the areas with the dense pack insulation. At the end of the job they cleaned up after themselves and my husband and I were happy people again!  I would hire them again in a heart beat and would recommend their services to all."

Satpal K. | New York, NY

Their crew was amazing

“I am a Contractor who works in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  I hired Brooklyn Insulation & Soundproofing to blow in cellulose into my own personal home.  Their price was fair, they were easy to work with, their crew was amazing.  Very efficient, they cleaned after themselves.  I was considering using foam, but was concerned about the possible health affects, and the contribution to our reliance on the petrochemical industry.  I am very happy with the job Brooklyn Insulation & Soundproofing did.”

— David R. | Brooklyn, NY

I couldn't be happier

“I couldn't be happier with the professional way the job was handled, from the start of Kevin coming over on time and getting me a fast estimate. I met with a few different people, not only was Brooklyn Insulation the cheapest but they are the only ones who i even trust to come into my condo and do insulation and leave for 3 days. My luxury unit is 3 years old and was very cold and my bathroom was literally freezing. I can attest that this insulation works and my condo feels cozier. Brooklyn sound did the job in the time they said it would, when i came back after 3 days the place was spotless like they were never ever here. I highly recommend Kevin and his team. There is no one better!!"

Shelley S. | Brooklyn, NY



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