Acoustical & Sound Blocking Curtains 

Acoustical and sound blocking curtains are ....

Photo by Pekic/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Pekic/iStock / Getty Images

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All curtains custom and hand sewn in San Diego, CA. The curtains can be mounted to the walls or ceilings and multiple types of track systems are available including motorized track, roller shades, and more!


Acoustical Absorption Curtains 

These curtains are designed to absorb sound within a room and prevent echo and reverb from building up in a given space. They are designed to do the same thing as acoustic panels or site-fabricated acoustic treatment, and are excellent options for glass conference rooms and etc..


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Sound Blocking Curtains 

These curtains are design to prevent sound from traveling in or our of an area. These curtains can also be used as room dividers to cut down on excessive noise in open office areas and more.